Welcome Volunteers!

Are you interested in experiencing kibbutz life?

We have a need for volunteers from all over the world. If you want to spend some time on the kibbutz, helping out where needed, please don't hesitate to ⇒contact us for more information.


  • We take volunteers only from age 23 and 40.
  • We require to stay at least half a year!
  • We can't take families as volunteers
  • We don't have guest houses we take only volunteers that stay a long time.
  • Please fill in all the fields and make sure you have read all the information
  • Please take your time to check theKPC. You need your insurance and permission to work from them and need to fit their standards. After we accept you all this process will be just formal.

We are sorry for all the restrictions but we have a lot of requests and many volunteers that want to come again and we have not many rooms for volunteers.

Horse Lovers

We also have a riding stable with loveable horses. We take them for treks in the desert and they take part in activities with children, who they adore! If you love horses, we would be very happy to invite you to be part of this in your free time! Look us up on our ⇒ Facebook page.

Wanted urgent

We need 4 volunteers that are willing to work in the cowshade. No experience required but willing to work on weekends. We have milk cows only that are treated well.